praise the lord!

The I95 project near the mixing bowl in Springfield is moving along great. Previously Southbound 395 dumped into the left hand lane of 95S. 495-outer-loop dumped into the right hand lane of 95S and 495-inner-loop dumped into the center. These three form I95 south.

On this Memorial Day weekend (which I recall as wasting about two hours of my time last summer) things are much better. 495-inner-loop (the primary 95 south road) dumps about a mile down from the other two, and on the left hand side. Most 95 south drivers want to get into the HOV lanes and that is a left-exit as well.

I got home in 30 minutes — that’s the same as any other day.. and I even left in more rush hour (5:30 instead of 6:30 like normal). I am a happy p0ny.