Drafty Outlets

So it is now June which will naturally justify this blurb. This past winter I noticed the electrical outlets and light switches on exterior walls were letting in quite a large amount of cold air. After consulting macgyver, he recommended I attempt to seal in the box inside the drywall, which would then stop the drafts. Well, lazy me never got around to doing it. So I’m in Home Depot (yes, I know I own Lowes stock) looking for some velcro for another project I will mention later, and I see Frost King has a very inexpensive product for insulating wall plates.

A 1/8″ thick piece of fire retardant foam is placed between the box and the wall cover, providing what appears to be a fairly decent attempt to insulate and prevent drafts. We’ll see in another six months how it fairs, but for now, I think I couldn’t have spent two dollars any worse. I tried searching google for how well these items perform but could not find anything. On a side note, newsgroups appeared to have a decent amount of recommendations for the Frost King product.