Mark Cuban and The Number

Mark Cuban wrote the paperback forward to “The Number.” I haven’t read the book, but a message board I read often recommended I read his forward. I believe he properly paints the picture of how the stock market works. It’s a great read and can be found here. Leavitt Brothers are apparantly using this as a marketing ploy. Don’t get caught up in all that, take the forward for what it is worth.

Where Did 2004 Go?

Where did 2004 go? It seems like just yesterday we were unpacking. We haven’t hung pictures in the basement or the office, nor have we visited all those museums downtown we had swore we were going to do. Oh how the real world cannot be planned.

It was a great year, however. Lots of good things occured. Believer entered graduate school and got a promotion at work (ER Nurse Assistant Manager). We both travelled quite a bit. I visited Hawaii three times, her twice. We both went to Baltimore twice to see Martina McBride (what a great show1), went camping in the Virginia mountains, and made several trips to Charlotte, Wilmington, and Charleston.

If there’s anything I have learned this year, it is that things will not go as planned. We’ve grown alot this year and I look forward to the new year ahead. This year we hope to go skiing in the mountains, perhaps visit Niagra Falls and New York City. I also have this urge to fly across the pond to the UK or Ireland for a short holiday. We’ll see…