Essential Firefox Extensions

These extensions I use for firefox and I consider them essential.

  • Google toolbar for Firefox – toolbar to search google, highlight words, etc
  • BugMeNot – right click annoying sites that require login (, etc) and it fills in a valid username/password
  • – extension adding support for bookmarks/tags
  • Fasterfox – speed up web browsing
  • Tab Mix Plus – adds a lot of features to tabs, like the X on each tab, forcing new windows to be new tabs, session restoration (firefox crashes, reopens all tabs), options to reopen all tabs after closing firefox, other session and tab options
  • Adblock Plus – blocks image / banner ads
  • Adblock Filterset.g – updates adblock plus rules
  • PDF Download – prompts to download pdfs rather than open in firefox (usually slow)
  • Colorful tabs – colorizes your tabs
  • Dictionary tooltip – doubleclick a word and get a ‘tooltip’ popup (not new window) showing definition
  • Flashblock – stop auto-playing flash, enables you to hit play (great for sites playing sound, video, etc)
  • Map this – highlight an address, right-click and it will take you to the for the address
  • Greasemonkey: (custom scripts for websites!)
    • Fark Lite (removes all left/right bars from fark)
    • Google Image Relinker (takes you directly to image in search results
    • Google remover (hides results)
    • CNN Friendly video
    • Netflix links in IMDB (link to netflix from imdb)
    • IMDB links in Netflix (link to imdb movie detail)
    • Netflix Queue Manager (add to top or bottom of queue)
    • MRQE Links in netflix (shows link to the movie detials)
    • Experts exchange ad remover (removes annoying middle of page ad)
    • direct download (no mirror hopping)

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