Times like these…

Seriously, someone is having a good joke at my expense. Let me just run through the things that are broken, attempted fix, fixed, and rebroken, in no real particular order, in the last, oh, lets give it 6 weeks, max:

  • (fixed) Screen Door
  • Hammock
  • (fixed) Screen Door (after 2nd person breaks it)
  • Auto dimming rear view mirror for Xterra
  • Circuit breakers
  • Instant Hot Water Heaters
  • My Computer (hard drive)
  • My Computer (motherboard)
  • My Computer (CPU)
  • Wife’s backlight on laptop
  • sprinkle hose
  • 2 more sprinkle hoses
  • pool man disconnecting my solar heat from pool pump
  • nut on guitar
  • outlets in kitchen
  • paper shredder
  • deck, yeah, i broke a few old boards carrying tables in for the graduation party
  • (not yet) stereo amplifier keeps going in protected mode lately
  • (not yet) tivo is having pretty apparent hard disk problems at times
  • (still have to fix) fence in front from january wind
  • (almost) my HP 7310 all in one printer, it thinks its christmas, its flashing all sorts of cute lights while displaying a hex code hp’s support doesnt understand
  • (almost) cable modem, it seems it dies every few hours now

and last but not least, the #1 thing broke on my list:

  • my patience