2002 Honda Accord Windshield Wiper System

I just wanted to post that the honda accord winshield wiper tubing happens to be the same tubing used in rainbird watering systems. If you need some hose or the Y adapters, just drop by a hardware store and pick some up. I had a spool of tubing plus some extra Y/T connectors and i was able to fit them on the Accord without problem.
Part numbers from honda:
95003-07008-70M BULK HOSE, VINYL 76830-SR0-004 JOINT Y, TUBE

Additionally, if you have a clogged nozzle, try soaking it in water, blowing (both directions), and sticking a pin/needle in the ends to unclog it. It took me a while but i was able to unclog it without having to replace the parts.

Just FYI.

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