Guess who’s home early…

Yes, the doctor released me 4 days early from the hospital, and I am now recovering at home. I am able to get up and about for little periods of time; I have to take care not to overexert myself into a blackout or by injuring my healing wounds.

The doctor was very upbeat and positive on all aspects of healing and mentioned two weeks before I am able to sit again. I’ll remain more conservative and say three to four weeks from today. Only time will tell.

A few more weeks of healing and Dr. Cooper may have a new biggest fan….


Live from.. the hospital!


I am in the hospital recovering from my recent z-plasty surgery. So far, things are good. I figured I’d drop a line for people checking in via the web. I’ve got wireless broadband internet thanks to an unknown doctor’s office in an adjacent building. I cant complain, it sure beats the 2x56k verizon wireless card I planned on using.

Talk to you later,


customLASIK Day Two

I went back for my 24-hr checkup. I was previously 20/80 vision and am now 20/25 in each eye and 20/20 altogether. I personally expect better vision as time progresses, my eyes are still healing. Nap time….

customLASIK complete

Today i had customLASIK surgery performed on both eyes. The procedure was very simple and initial results look promising. I will be healing over the weekend and throughout the next three months to regain normal vision. I can’t talk now, I’m not supposed to be using the computer, but figured i’d give everyone a head’s up.

– ardent

Staple Head

Well once again I managed to injure myself. This time I was playing with Sosa and while picking up a tennis ball and managed to ram my head into the corner of our stairway railing. At first I thought it was a pretty hard ‘bump’ but then when I opened my eyes I realized I was bleeding alot. Believer ended up taking me to the ER, where, since she’s assistant manager, they were able to have a bed open and waiting for me.

I ended up with four staples in my head and kept them there for 8 days. They were removed last night and boy it feels good to be able to ‘fully’ comb my hair again.


I had the unfortunate experience of lodging a piece of metal into my right eye this past Saturday. I was hanging a light-fixture using pre-drilled holes and a piece apparantly fell off. Somehow it got around the glasses I was wearing and managed to lodge itself in the upper portion of my eye.

I went to the doctor today and he removed it, gave me some eye drops, and requested I return on Tuesday for an exam. I am taking droplet antibiotics and hopefully no infection will occur. The eye is painful at the moment but the metal doesn’t appear to have permanantly damaged anything.

Some people might chastise me for not wearing protective wear, but this was as simple a task as screwing in a light-switch cover, just elevated. It is amazing how things such as vision are taken for granted until something like this occurs. I know I will be more careful from now on.