The Financial Market

What the heck is going on? Some of the craziest things I’ve ever seen have occurred this week. In France, a 30 year old at a bank traded over 7 and 1/2 billion dollars in losses. If thats not enough, he was able to hide it from the bank itself. NUTS. Absolute nuts.

I know a lot of people out there have watched their portfolios dwindle this new year. I managed to pull in about a 10% gain. I had been shorting the technology sector using Ultra Index ETFs, specifically REW. I sold on Wednesday, The market appeared to have some short term support. I am very much on the fence as to where we go from here…. Thursday may provide more questions than answers.

Good luck.

Safeway football scratch card giveaway

After frustratios over having to view the video and/or download a pdf file to view the winning numbers, here are the safeway numbers for each week of the giveaway. I think you need to match at least 6 sequential numbers, with the big prizes matching all 8. See for details.

Jan 08, 2006: 78850110
Jan 15, 2006: 53195730
Jan 22, 2006: 79942044
Feb 05, 2006: 75425522

Good luck…

Citibank Dividend Platinum Card

This Citibank card (found here) seems to have a great deal.

  • 5% cash back at grocery, gas, and drugstores.
  • 1% cash back everywhere else
  • 1% cash back on cash withdrawls

A few restrctions apply to this card, as all. The max you can earn per year is $300. And, they only send checks in $100 increments. But still, it is nice to see a Master Card with cash back rewards as lucrative as this, especially since American Express and Discover Card aren’t accepted everywhere.