Vacation calendar

For those of you interested in knowing availability of visiting us in Hawaii, I’ve assembled a calendar you can view and select dates for visiting us. You arent able to modify or add items, those must be approved by us first!

Anyway, the link is to the right, under “Links” titled Vacation Calendar.


Drafty Outlets

So it is now June which will naturally justify this blurb. This past winter I noticed the electrical outlets and light switches on exterior walls were letting in quite a large amount of cold air. After consulting macgyver, he recommended I attempt to seal in the box inside the drywall, which would then stop the drafts. Well, lazy me never got around to doing it. So I’m in Home Depot (yes, I know I own Lowes stock) looking for some velcro for another project I will mention later, and I see Frost King has a very inexpensive product for insulating wall plates.

A 1/8″ thick piece of fire retardant foam is placed between the box and the wall cover, providing what appears to be a fairly decent attempt to insulate and prevent drafts. We’ll see in another six months how it fairs, but for now, I think I couldn’t have spent two dollars any worse. I tried searching google for how well these items perform but could not find anything. On a side note, newsgroups appeared to have a decent amount of recommendations for the Frost King product.