Beauty Still Exists

Its easy to get caught up in the day to days of life. The yard, the bills, making mortgage payments, meeting deadlines at work, 7am conference calls, 10pm programming, pending surgery, etc, they all can creep up on me. One of the beauties of Hawaii, however, is that with all of these on my mind, I still hop in my Xterra and drive over the H3 from Kailua to Honolulu and see the beauty of the shoreline in Kaneohe, the mountains over the H3, and the rainbows of Honolulu. It helps keep a perspective on things….


Today is going to be one of the hardest days of my working career. Updates to follow…

Busy bees

Things never seem to die down. The moment you think they will, life serves you another course. It’s strange like that but I’ve started to know no different. Last Monday, Labour Day, was the first day I had woke up and wondered “what shall I do today.” I ended up giving a lot of moving boxes to my mother-in-law (my garage is happy) and moving a bunch more spare boxes to the attic. While in the attic, I decided I’d finally get around to insulating the 2×6 bumpout extension that wasnt insulated per the home inspector’s report. Just as he reported, it wasnt. It was quite a task to get in there (for someone not used to monkeying around in the attic) and I swear I have inhaled enough insulation to keep me warm all winter, but it got completed! I look forward to the Renaissance festival in Maryland this Sunday, I hope the weather will comply.

My birthday’s Monday, and if anyone is wondering, all I want to do is watch the Panthers win Monday Night Football. Nothing more, nothing less… *clap* make it happen *clap*


Dreams are a world turned upside down,
gravity, logic, time, rendered meaningless,
the world of dreams is not our world
although in the dead of night,
it tempts and deceives us,
daring us to know the differences,
this is what make dreams so dangerous