Dell 3115 cn MultiFunction Color Printer SMTP Authentication

You are probably reading this to try and troubleshoot SMTP Authentication on the Dell 3115 printer.  Most email services these days require SMTP Auth.  Great, Dell supports that.   Or does it?   In a bit of  ‘wisdom’ the authors strip the from the username field.   Thus, if you were trying to do [email protected], it only sends ‘dellprinter’ as the smtp auth username not [email protected]

Your only choices are to find an open relay (some ISPs allow this for IPs in their network) or find a POP before SMTP authenticating domain.

I ended up leaving email scanning altogether and use FTP to a local file server (BuffaloTech NAS) and then retrieve it via SMB.

Good luck.

Home Entertainment Center

I’ve been working a lot lately on customizing our home entertainment center after our old Sony receiver died.   Here’s our setup:

A few things to note.  First, in Hawaii, DirecTV + HD + Locals requires2 huge satellites.  I believe they are 4 1/2 feet in diameter, each.   The pictures are amazing, I can’t wait for DirecTV to release the 70 other HD channels and the locals in HD (as promised) in the next few weeks.

Secondly, the Yamaha RX-V661 is truly a great receiver.  If you use the auto setup, it will tell you if your wires are incorrect, and auto adjust the sound levels using an omni-mic you place near your seating area.  I had tried manual setup at first and I had some crossed wires that were causing the unit to shut down, live and learn.

If you are looking into the RX-V661 I will wan you, don’t buy it for video upconversion.  It hard a hard time switching between SVIDEO input, Component, and HDMI for output on HDMI/Component to the TV.  The Sharp had 2 HDMI and 4 Component input sources so I was able to work around this.   If video upconversion is turned on, some sound modes are now available as it requires too much processing power.

The Harmony 880 is a very nice remote, but logitech’s interface for programming it is a bit annoying.  This is likely because my day job involves programming and I would rather just map codes, but instead, you have to use wizards.   Also, if you are using XBMC + the DVD Remote, be sure to google FakeChannelUp and FakeChannelDown so you can find codes that will allow page up/page down.   The ones on the XBMC wiki for Fake Up/Down actually send a code that changes my sharp TV to TV antenna mode.   I ended up programming it to the old remote codes from the Scientific Atlanta 8300 box that TWC offered out here.   Those codes were 43 and 44.  A few quick keymap additions to the XBMC xml files and I was back in business.

We have 5.1 right now,the receiver is capable of 7.1 but really, come on.   First, we live in an open air environment with fans, outside noises, and really, space concerns about adding 2 rear speakers.  The 5.1 mode works fine.

Before getting HDTV, I didn’t really think it was worth the money, time, effort, etc to acquire it.   Standard Def TV has worked fine, I saw no need to swap.   Boy was I wrong.  My first real excitement was seeing the Cubs @ Giants game on in HD.  Wow.   The football games too!  Now I find myself watching HD things I’ve seen before over new content on Standard Def channels… God what an HD snob.  I make myself sick.
One last thing, its a rant.  WHY on earth is Taledega Nights the ‘movie’ to test your HDTV setup against?   CNet, Best Buy, and others all show or mention Taledega Nights in discussions of HD quality or Blu-Ray quality.  Seriously…

Freedom from the past…

Indeed friends, family, and onlookers.   I have freed our house of one of technologies most troublesome pasts, floppy disks.   Oh, what a fine day!  They had been cluttering up a drawer for a good three years and i finally went through them all, copied off anything relatively interesting, and destroyed them.  Freedom at last!

Should have just bought a microsoft product

Serioulsy, I was at Costco today and decided its time to take the next step in organization for my business, so I purchased a $300 copy of Quickbooks Premier.  The install didn’t work, at all.  It kept stating that it had problems reading a corrupt file on the CD, but using windows explorer, I was able to easily copy all the data to disk.  So, after reading some quickbooks help forums, it stated how to start the install from disk (this problem apparantly is common).  Installation from disk had just as many problems of the same sort, and I was forced to use alternative methods to locate the installation files.   Sometimes I wonder why I ever deviate from Microsoft products…[/sarcasm]

Essential Firefox Extensions

These extensions I use for firefox and I consider them essential.

  • Google toolbar for Firefox – toolbar to search google, highlight words, etc
  • BugMeNot – right click annoying sites that require login (, etc) and it fills in a valid username/password
  • – extension adding support for bookmarks/tags
  • Fasterfox – speed up web browsing
  • Tab Mix Plus – adds a lot of features to tabs, like the X on each tab, forcing new windows to be new tabs, session restoration (firefox crashes, reopens all tabs), options to reopen all tabs after closing firefox, other session and tab options
  • Adblock Plus – blocks image / banner ads
  • Adblock Filterset.g – updates adblock plus rules
  • PDF Download – prompts to download pdfs rather than open in firefox (usually slow)
  • Colorful tabs – colorizes your tabs
  • Dictionary tooltip – doubleclick a word and get a ‘tooltip’ popup (not new window) showing definition
  • Flashblock – stop auto-playing flash, enables you to hit play (great for sites playing sound, video, etc)
  • Map this – highlight an address, right-click and it will take you to the for the address
  • Greasemonkey: (custom scripts for websites!)
    • Fark Lite (removes all left/right bars from fark)
    • Google Image Relinker (takes you directly to image in search results
    • Google remover (hides results)
    • CNN Friendly video
    • Netflix links in IMDB (link to netflix from imdb)
    • IMDB links in Netflix (link to imdb movie detail)
    • Netflix Queue Manager (add to top or bottom of queue)
    • MRQE Links in netflix (shows link to the movie detials)
    • Experts exchange ad remover (removes annoying middle of page ad)
    • direct download (no mirror hopping)

gAIM Configuration and Plugins

I have recently, two months or so ago, made the switch from vendor provided IM clients to the open source gAIM IM client. gAIM has many features and I wanted to list the few plugins I use, and special settings i use.

Plugins I have enabled:

  • Auto-reconnect (in gaim) – auto reconnects
  • Buddy state notification (in gaim) – checks buddy state
  • ExtPlacement (in gaim) – extra placement options
  • History (in gaim) – pulls up your log history of last chat with this user
  • I’dle mak’er (in gaim) – lets you set idle time
  • Iconfiy on away (in gaim)
  • Release notification (in gaim) – checks for new releases
  • System tray icon (in gaim) – minimize to system tray
  • Text replacement (in gaim) – replace ‘u’ with ‘you’, etc
  • Timestamp (in gaim) – enable timestamping
  • WinGaim options (in gaim) – features for windows
  • Off-the-Record messaging – provides private and secure chat conversations over any IM protocol
  • gaim-encryption – prefered as a backup to ‘off-the-record’ it provides encryption over any IM protocol
  • Extended preferences – a few cosmetic items about hiding buttons, hidding buddy list at start, etc
  • meanwhile – a great plugin to allow support for IBM’s sametime client
  • Google for the “Medium specific 2 – carbonize, YIm7 smiley pack by webcrawler

Notable Configuration items in gAIM (be sure to restart after installing plugins):

  • always show timestamps
  • ignore font sizes (i have problems with yahoo IM fonts at times when other person using trillian)
  • highlight misspelled words (at gaim install, install the spelling features by checking English spellcheck support)
  • Log all instant messages and chats

I threw this together, but for those of you who havent added the plugins, they are very useful. My favorite is logging and the history plugin enabled, i used to always hit escape accidentally and close IM conversations, now when reopening the conversation with that buddy, the history of last discussions are re-displayed for me.

Take care (I may update this some later)

Time Warner admits fault

I ran across (note: i cant use Stumbled Upon thanks to a certain Firefox extension), a web page created by a Hawaii Time Warner customer that claims his internet speeds were far under what they should be while Time Warner Cable continued to market and add new customers to their broadband services. It is an interesting read, I’ve always wondered if it was possible to fight ISPs when they oversaturate their networks. I’m sure this cant be done anymore as the right disclaimers are put in all agreements and marketing campaigns, but it was neat to see that TWC actually refunded service to customers who complained.

SSMTP + POP3S + POP Before SMTP Authentication in Outlook

So for quite some time i’ve been wanting to send and receive email with my mail server over purely encrypted methodologies using Outlook in Windows. Additionally, I didnt really want any user accounts having cleartext passwords thrown around, so i finally managed some free time during off hours while my wife was at work, and was able to get everything working.

This isnt a step by step introduction, guide, or FAQ, but a few things to point out…

First, for your pop3 stunnel configuration, be sure to set ‘transparent = yes’.

exec = /usr/sbin/vm-pop3d (or your pop3 daemon)
execargs = popa3d
transparent = yes

This enables your pop3 logs to show the originating IP, not turning this on shows, which isnt what we want.

Second, be sure transparent is off for smtp’s config in stunnel and you’ve defined the protocol as smtp.

protocol = smtp
accept = 465
connect = 25

The xinetd services are faily straightforward:
service smtps
disable = no
socket_type = stream
wait = no
user = root
server = /usr/sbin/stunnel
server_args = /etc/stunnel/stunnel.conf-smtp
log_on_success += HOST DURATION
log_on_failure += HOST


service pop-3
socket_type = stream
protocol = tcp
wait = no
user = root
instances = 25
server = /usr/sbin/vm-pop3d
server_args = -D -i
log_type = SYSLOG local4 info
log_on_success = PID HOST EXIT DURATION
log_on_failure = HOST ATTEMPT

Lastly, I downloaded and setup pop-before-smtp,, and had it configured for my vm-pop3d daemon.

In outlook when you check use SSL for POP3, it puts 995 (the right port) into place, however, when you check SSL for SMTP, it leaves it at 25, be sure to change it to 465.

If you have some problems, run sniffers and make sure packets are being exchanged, no firewalls are in the way, etc. I found /var/log/secure to yield stunnel logs and also you can turn on logging in Outlook throught tools->options->advanced turn on logging.

Hope this helps someone out there, if not, I’m sure oneday I’ll need it again.

darky was kind enough to tell me TLS was in POSTFIX’s SMTP server, here is my config:
# TLS [#98]
smtpd_use_tls = yes
smtp_use_tls = yes
smtp_tls_note_starttls_offer = yes
smtpd_tls_key_file = /etc/postfix/tls/smtpd.key
smtpd_tls_cert_file = /etc/postfix/tls/smtpd.pem
smtpd_tls_CAfile = /etc/postfix/tls/smtpd.pem

Note you can be your own CA 🙂