Directivo Upgrades

Last week I ordered two 160gb 7200RPM 8MB cache drives from — roughly $100 each. I also ordered the Tivo upgrade kit from I replaced the original 30gb drive with the two 160gb drives and now have 240 hours of quality tivo recordings. This is excellent. Since Tivo has two recorders, it can record all kinds of crap I will never watch.

I need to do some serious evaluations of the HD-Directivo. I may go ahead and buy one and sell my upgraded Directivo on Ebay. I am soo tempted to buy a 57″ TV… But we have a lot of things coming up. I’d like to get Lasik surgery, believer is entering grad school, and we still have walls to paint, a deck to furnish, and a few other areas to work on. Someday, we’ll win the lotto 🙂

How To Save Energy?

I came across an interesting article which outlined potential future research and advances in computing power usage. If indeed the claims made in this article are true, this could drastically reshape battery life in many applications. Just don’t expect me to drive a car with this technology anytime soon.

Several other possibilities exist, which I’ll just list briefly:
– Use multiple chips to gain reasonable confidence of the answer (1 or 0)
– Use one of these power saving chips for most computations, and a normal chip for important decisions